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Dik Müller (b. 1937) is a native of Chicago. He studied at the American Academy of Art (Chicago) 1955-1958 and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 1988-1992. As a designer, painter, and sculptor his art is concept driven by observing the world we see as well as the one in the subconscious. Dik is fascinated with the similarities and brings to life the thoughts and desires of both realms.

Dik’s emphasis on color – deftly laid down pigments with lush and sophisticated interaction of hues – call to mind the work of the German Expressionist Wassily Kandinsky as well the Abstract Expressionist Adolph Gottlieb while Salvador Dali’s surreal interpretations create a multi-level mind expanding pallet. His 3D work is fueled by Frank Stella who continues to think out-of-the-box while in the box. In the world of sculpture the influence comes from Richard Serra for his minimalism and August Rodin’s ability to portray life.

Exhibitions 2015

V6 mixed media ~ 36 x 24 x 8 inches

HUD/DAB Art Gallery, Ventura, CA, Juried Exhibition,

April, 25-May, 24 “Adulation”

State of the Art, Chicago, IL, Open Exhibition,

April, 24-May, 25 “V6”, “Duality”, “Pac-Man”

4ART Gallery, Chicago, IL, Open Exhibition,

May, 10-June, 10 “Visitor”, “Duality”

ARTERIE Gallery, Naperville, IL, Juried Exhibition, Best of Show,

May, 10-June, 20 “Dinner is Served”

Water Street Gallery, Batavia, IL, Juried Exhibition,

May, 15-June, 26 “Visitor at the Door”

Bearded Unicorn/Morgan Mfg., Chicago, IL, Juried Event,

June, 13 “Bruno”

Wright Museum of Art, Beloit, WI, Juried Exhibition,

June, 13-August, 23 “Passage”

4ART Gallery, Chicago, IL, Open Exhibition,

May, 10-June, 10 “Looking for consciousness”, “Close your eyes”

South Haven Center for the Arts, South Haven, MI, Juried Exhibition,

August, 8-September, 4 “Night sky”, “Pac-Man”

Artascent Magazine, Juried Exhibition, Distinguished Recognition,

September, 20 “Visitor at the door”

Buchanan Center, Monmouth, IL, Juried Exhibition,

August, 31-October, 23 “Hear what you want”

4ART Gallery, Chicago, IL, Salon style Exhibition,

September, 18 – November, 20 “Passage”, “Girl in green”, “Pac-Man”, “Black, white & gray”, “Feng Shui triptych”, “Night sky”, “V6”, “Night vision”, “Lead poison”, “Narcosis”, “Hear what you want”